Client Close-Up:

Client Close-Up: Meet Dawne, a Just Float member coping with the intense daily pain of fibromyalgia, who calls floatation therapy her “lifeline.” Here is Dawne’s inspiring story of how floating has literally changed her life. Dawne suffers from severe fibromyalgia – symptoms including deep muscle pain, tender joints, insomnia, and migraines. In Dawne’s own words, on a good day she feels like she’s “had a bad car crash”… and most weeks she struggles to gather 10 full hours of sleep.

But something incredible happened the first time Dawne tried floating. Driven to tears by what she calls “a moment of peace,” Dawne discovered a measure of relief through floatation therapy she wasn’t able to find anywhere else. Since she started floatation therapy regularly Dawne has tripled her sleep, has a newfound sense of calm and has found her most effective form of natural therapy for pain management. Most importantly, she now lives with hope that she will someday recover completely from fibromyalgia.

By using floatation therapy (also known as sensory deprivation) as a natural form of pain management for her fibromyalgia, Dawne has been able to relieve her symptoms and is now able to sleep through the night. Discover Dawne’s inspiring story in this exclusive video interview above.



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