How One Client Uses Flotation Therapy for Pain Management Client Close-Up: Client Close-Up: Meet Dawne, a Just Float member coping with the intense daily pain of fibromyalgia, who calls floatation therapy her “lifeline.” Here is Dawne’s inspiring story of how floating has literally changed her life. Dawne suffers from severe fibromyalgia - symptoms including deep muscle pain, tender joints, insomnia, and migraines. [...]

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Can Flotation Therapy Cure You? Good Morning America Project Wellness: Can Flotation Therapy Cure You? ABC's Kayna Whitworth explores flotation, which proponents say can aid in the treatment of stress, PTSD and even joint issues. BUY NOW

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Sensory Deprivation: An Altered State of Mind

Take a look at ABC's Neal Karlinsky strange sensory deprivation tank experience at Float Seattle. More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News

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