Can Flotation Therapy Cure You? Good Morning America Project Wellness: Can Flotation Therapy Cure You? ABC's Kayna Whitworth explores flotation, which proponents say can aid in the treatment of stress, PTSD and even joint issues. BUY NOW

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Discover the Worldwide Phenomenon of Floating at the 4th Annual Float Conference

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, it just so happens that we have an idea for you. The 4th annual Float Conference is happening August 14-17 in Portland, Oregon. If you like good beer, amazing food and groovy people, come join us and find out just what a worldwide phenomenon floating really is. [...]

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Joe Rogan & Why Everyone Needs to Float

“You feel lighter, you feel like more oxygen is in your body, you feel more vibrant.  It’s just because you’ve calmed the tension.  It’s f*** incredible, man.”  The above video is perhaps the greatest testimony to sensory deprivation or floatation therapy. Joe Rogan, an avid floater, is a hugely popular stand-up comedian, best known for hosting [...]

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